A simple update manager for Eclipse RCP applications

What would I like for Christmas? Thanks for asking! Well, besides a Mac mini, what I’d really like is a simple update manager for Eclipse RCP applications. Up to now, we’ve had two options for updating our applications: wiring in the Update Manager or coding something from scratch. The problem is that the Update Manager… Continue reading A simple update manager for Eclipse RCP applications

Making OSGi easier

While there are a ton of benefits to be gained from adopting OSGi, it’s not a trivial task to migrate your existing code. Class loader issues can bite you and perhaps the biggest pain-point is the migration of third-party libraries. Third-party libraries are a problem because while bundle repositories are growing in size, there are… Continue reading Making OSGi easier

Why is OSGi important?

I’ve seen a number of blog posts and tweets lately asking some version of the question Why is OSGi important? If you’re one of the many people looking around at the increasing usage of OSGi and wondering whether it matters to you, here’s my answer. I’m going to start by making a pretty audacious claim,… Continue reading Why is OSGi important?