Modular software development made possible

Modular Mind is the one-person shop of Patrick Paulin, a software developer who has spent over 15 years working with developers and organizations to successfully apply modular techniques.

I offer services in the following areas:

Java Monolith to Microservice Consulting

My area of expertise is in breaking big things into small things. I’ve spent many years helping developers modularize code, and my approach to breaking up monoliths focuses on practical low-level code refactoring techniques.

Use my experience to your advantage and simplify the monolith to microservices migration.

Eclipse RCP Consulting

While I often work on back-end software, my main area of focus and interest has been on the UI. I help developers apply modular concepts to user-interfaces, in particular with Eclipse frameworks such as the Rich Client Platform and the Electron-based Theia.

I can help you leverage these frameworks to create the modular user interfaces your users need.

Eclipse RCP Training

There is still no framework like Eclipse RCP if you’re looking to create complex modular user interfaces. I’ve enjoyed working with this technology for over 15 years and have taught hundreds of developers how use it properly. 

My training options include everything from Eclipse RCP basics to customized advanced topics. I take great care to craft training courses that meet my clients’ needs.