What my consulting clients have to say

“When we wanted to simplify and modularize a monolithic enterprise application we turned to Modular Mind and Patrick Paulin. Together, with Patrick at the helm, we were able to leverage OSGi technology and tooling to meticulously break-up a giant, nearly unmanageable, piece of software into small manageable pieces. He was able organize our once behemoth of an application into functional features / categories. 

In our minds we knew this was going to be a huge undertaking and potentially a long and painstaking project. However, contrary to our pre-conceptions, the project was both a breeze and quite enjoyable. The success of the project is owed not solely to OSGi but also, and primarily, to Patrick’s expertise, persistence, and calm demeanor. The bulk of the work on this project was done via the Extreme Programming (XP) methodology. His thoughtful and meticulous approach to software development made the pair programming portion of XP a delight. In the years since this project was completed, we continued to consult with Modular Mind and Patrick on various software endeavors within our organization.”

— Scott Pelton, Senior Director of Application Development, WorldPac Inc.

“Patrick helped me with Best Practices in RCP applications and showed me several tricks of the trade. This was instrumental in getting my first RCP project correctly on track. We used a remote desktop sharing and teleconferencing setup that worked great and saved travel costs. I recommend Patrick’s expertise to anyone who is looking to jump start their RCP application development process.”

— Rob Hafernik, Site Controls, Inc

““For 2 days Patrick worked with our experienced RCP developer. He made suggestions for ways we could layout our RCP code better to make future development easier and give us more flexibility in the future. Patrick is just a really nice guy and really easy to work with.

If you are developing an RCP application and need someone to shorten the learning curve for your developers, or you want some expert advice on how to structure your application, Patrick is an excellent choice.”

— Tyler Simms, Codefast

“We engaged Patrick for a further two days after the course to help us better understand how we could best position our new project within the RCP framework.

If you’re new to RCP and need a ‘jumpstart’ or are looking for an experienced RCP architect/resource then I highly recommend Patrick.”

— Andrew du Preez, RiskAdvisory – Division of SAS