Advanced RCP

This 3-day course is divided into 6 sessions, one to be held in the morning and one in the afternoon. Each session lasts about 3 hours and includes both lecture and labs.

Advanced SWT

  • Using the Clipboard
  • Drag and Drop
  • Dealing with large datasets
  • Creating custom controls
  • Integrating Swing controls

Advanced JFace

  • Overview of Data Binding
  • Data Binding validation and conversion
  • Master/detail Data Binding
  • TableViewer and TreeViewer binding
  • Data Binding and wizards
  • Editable viewers
  • Specialized label providers
  • Viewer traversal

Advanced Menuing

  • Parameterized commands
  • Executing commands programmatically
  • Structuring menus
  • Context menus
  • Toggle and radio menus
  • Dynamic menus
  • Advanced core expressions
  • Property testers

Advanced Extensibility

  • Adapters and adapter factories
  • Activiities framework
  • Source providers
  • Extensibility and security
  • Extension points
  • OSGi services

Architecture and Best Practices 

  • Tooling
  • Feature and product design
  • Bundle design
  • Migrating to bundles and features
  • Target platforms
  • Versioning

Building and Provisioning

  • p2 repositories
  • p2 features
  • p2 and RCP
  • Auto-updating with p2
  • Building with Maven Tycho
  • Using target platforms in a build

I’d be happy to provide you with more information and answer any questions you have about my Eclipse RCP courses.