A simple update manager for Eclipse RCP applications


What would I like for Christmas? Thanks for asking! Well, besides a Mac mini, what I’d really like is a simple update manager for Eclipse RCP applications.

Up to now, we’ve had two options for updating our applications: wiring in the Update Manager or coding something from scratch. The problem is that the Update Manager is overkill for most RCP apps and the API is fairly complicated.

What I would like to have is an alternative to the Update Manager that provides very basic update functionality. Call it Update Manager Lite, if you like. For those of you running OS X, what I’m thinking of is something like the Sparkle framework that many Mac applications use.

Would this be of use to anyone else? I’ve opened a Bugzilla entry suggesting this and comments would be appreciated.

Update: There’s already a Bugzilla entry for this feature, so the above entry has been marked as a dup. Please direct any comments you have to the original Bugzilla entry. Thanks to Susan McCourt for pointing me in the right direction!