Creating a good presentation

We all like to attend conferences and most people like the idea of presenting at one. But when the excitement of your submission acceptance fades, many of us sit down to face an empty PowerPoint deck and wonder where to start. Creating an effective presentation is a difficult task and it’s made even more difficult… Continue reading Creating a good presentation

Using Clover with PDE Build

In a previous post I mentioned that I had not yet found a way to use Clover to perform coverage analysis when running PDE Build and the Eclipse Testing Framework. A very kind reader (thanks Nihal!) has posted a comment outlining how to get this combo running. I have to tell you, the solution is… Continue reading Using Clover with PDE Build

How to brand Eclipse RCP?

In response to my last post on Eclipse RCP Trends, Chris Aniszczyk commented: Deep down inside… I think it’s a marketing issue… we have done a poor job marketing RCP in my opinion. We have brand confusion that when people hear Eclipse still they think IDE, not a rich client platform. It’s my hope that with the… Continue reading How to brand Eclipse RCP?

Happy Birthday RCP!

Five years ago today a Bugzilla entry was submitted calling for the creation of the Eclipse Rich Client Platform. While I’m sure the idea was bouncing around before the entry was submitted, I think of this date as the point at which the idea of RCP began to become a reality. And is it ever… Continue reading Happy Birthday RCP!

Snow Day

I was all set to write a blog post today on creating an RCP target platform, and then it started to snow … and snow … and snow. So I decided to take a snow day instead, which unfortunately means I spent most of the day shoveling. I did get a chance to take a… Continue reading Snow Day

MVP Example Code

Note: For those following the saga of my post titles reverting to my WordPress user name, it appears the problem is that I have an avatar image in my WordPress profile (thanks Gunnar!). WordPress is embedding the image in my RSS feed with a “title” attribute and Planet Eclipse is grabbing the string from there.… Continue reading MVP Example Code

Plug-in Best Practices for RCP

I just finished giving a talk at Eclipse World entitled Plug-in Best Practices for Rich Client Applications. For those who attended, and anyone else who’s interested, here is a summary list of the practices discusses. Feedback is obviously welcome and much appreciated. Encapsulation Design plug-ins to maximize encapsulation. Expose packages only when forced to. Use… Continue reading Plug-in Best Practices for RCP

EclipseCon or the beach?

I was just working on my EclipseCon submission when I realized the conference is scheduled over my children’s spring break! So now I have to choose between EclipseCon and the beach. Let me think… um, I choose the beach. Seriously, though, I’ll be sad to miss the conference, and I’m just curious how many others… Continue reading EclipseCon or the beach?