MVP Example Code

Note: For those following the saga of my post titles reverting to my WordPress user name, it appears the problem is that I have an avatar image in my WordPress profile (thanks Gunnar!). WordPress is embedding the image in my RSS feed with a “title” attribute and Planet Eclipse is grabbing the string from there. I’m now trying to work with WordPress to remove my avatar because there is no way to do this through their UI. The bottom line is if you use WordPress and you’d like to add your feed to Planet Eclipse, do not specify an avatar.

I gave a talk this morning at Eclipse World on Leveraging the Model-View-Presenter Pattern in Rich Client Applications. And as promised, here is the sample code illustrating the various approaches one can take in integrating MVP and RCP.

I’m about to catch a flight, so I don’t have time to go through all the details needed to get the code running. In short, though, if you get RAP via update site you should be able to run the code. I’ll try to help out with any issues you run into.

Thanks to all who attended the presentation!