Java modularity presentation in Prezi

One of the talks I give most often is called “Why Java Modularity Matters”. This is my attempt to explain how modularity in general and OSGi in particular represent the next logical step in the evolution of software development. I’m actually giving this talk at the Madison Java Users Group tomorrow night, and if you’re in the area please feel free to stop by.

Anyway, I spent some time last week moving the presentation over to Prezi, which I’ve been interested in trying for a while. What I like about Prezi is that it allows you to convey structure and meaning in ways that are impossible with regular slideware.

If you’re interested in what this looks like, check out the presentation embedded below. It’s obviously not meant to convey a lot of information on it’s own, but you’ll get the general idea. And as always, I’d be interested to hear what you think.