No icon, no editor

There are many parts of RCP that are a little rough around the edges. That’s to be expected in an open-source framework, and to be honest it’s one of the things I like about RCP. Sure, commercial frameworks are cleaner and packaged more “professionally”, but they have to give up a lot of functionality and… Continue reading No icon, no editor

Using the Common Navigator Framework in an RCP Application

The Common Navigator Framework was introduced in Eclipse 3.2 to provide navigators with pluggable content, filters, sorting and much else. It’s a powerful new feature, but for some reason it wasn’t made to work with the RCP. In my opinion. every significant addition to the Eclipse API should be made RCP compatible unless it’s really… Continue reading Using the Common Navigator Framework in an RCP Application

Switching to WordPress

For the past few years I’ve been working with Drupal, and while I love it for large sites, it was obviously overkill for a simple blog like mine. The real reason I’m switching to WordPress, though, is spam. I’ve tried the Drupal spam module, I’ve tried captchas, I’ve laughed, I’ve cried. Now I’m moving to… Continue reading Switching to WordPress

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