Renaming Eclipse RCP – Vote now!

imagesIt’s been three months since my post requesting that we rename Eclipse RCP and we’ve received many ideas from the Eclipse community. Now it’s time to narrow down the list by voting for the names you like best.

I want to make it clear that while this poll will help to narrow down the list, it will not wholly determine the final selection. This is because trademark issues may need to be considered as well.

I also want to share the names I voted for and why. The poll allows you to select up to three names, so here are the name I chose:


I want the new name for Eclipse RCP to emphasize the fact that it is a platform for creating modular user interfaces. The term montage means:

the technique of combining in a single composition pictorial elements from various sources (full definition here)

Montage combines the concept of visualness with an emphasis on assembly from parts. This seems to me to convey something of what this platform provides, especially when you consider that the e4 work will allow developers to combine UI elements created with Java, Javascript and HTML in a single workbench.


Another name I really like is Tangram, which is a Chinese puzzle based on assembling pictures from basic shapes. This name also conveys the idea of assembling a user interface from component parts.

One benefit of the name Tangram is that it provides great graphic art options in terms of logos, book cover designs, etc.


My final selection is a more traditional astronomy-related name. There are many such names in the list, but I think aurora is the simplest and cleanest. It has a visual connotation (but does not express modularity). If there is a strong consensus that the name should relate to the overall Eclipse emphasis on astronomy, then this is my choice.

My final selection?

So what name do I really want? My top two are Montage and Tangram, and it’s hard for me to pick one or the other. I guess if I had to pick one it would be Tangram, but it’s really close.

Now it’s your turn

Now it’s your turn to vote. Click on the link below to select your three favorite names, and while you’re at it why not blog (or tweet) about your choices. I’m curious to hear what people think is important in a name. The poll will remain up for the next two weeks (until September 6th) to give as many people as possible a chance to vote.

Click here to vote!

Note: You can view the survey results online.