Announcement: OSGi online training now available

After only 10 years it seems that OSGi’s time has finally arrived. Everywhere you look, new OSGi-based products are being announced. Of course the Eclipse platform has been based on OSGi for some time and the SpringSource DM Server has been available for a while. But now ServiceMix 4 is taking OSGi into the ESB space and JBoss OSGi has just gone into beta. It’s great that so many more Java developers are going to be able to benefit from OSGi and modular software development.

To support developers getting started with OSGi, I’m happy to announce a new training course called OSGi Quickstart. This is a 2-day course that focuses on what you really need to know to get started with this technology . Instead of taking a grand tour of the OSGi specification, the course attempts to answer the following questions:

  • What is OSGi and why is it important?
  • How do I set up tooling to develop, test and build OSGi applications?
  • How do I migrate existing applications to OSGi?
  • What best practices should I be following for OSGi development?

The goal of this course is to give developers, architects and project managers the knowledge they need to be immediately productive with OSGi.

OSGi Quickstart will be offered publicly online. The first course is scheduled for June 11th-12th, and registration is now open. And as usual private courses are available onsite or online.