Making Music with Eclipse RCP

I’m always on the lookout for Eclipse Rich Client Platform applications that push boundaries. RCP is much too often associated with the Eclipse IDE itself, and this leads us to think that RCP applications need to be IDE-like. But there are many more uses to which RCP can be put, and I think we’re still only beginning to scratch the surface.

For example, check out Neck Diagrams (nice web site, by the way!), an RCP application that allows guitarists to create chord boxes and neck diagrams using a visual editor. I’m not much of a musician myself, but this seems like a great tool. What I really like, though, is how this program stretches the idea of what we think of as an “RCP application”.


This is also a great example of software created by a single developer. I love that RCP makes it possible for a solo developer to realize their vision and bring a product to market quickly.


If you’re interested in seeing this software in action, check out the screencast.