Updated PDE Build and Test Example

I’ve just spent some time updating my example showing how to set up PDE Build and the Eclipse Testing Framework. I’ve generally cleaned things up and I’m now creating the test environment in the correct way.

As a special bonus, I’ve also thrown in coverage analysis using EMMA. And before people ask, yes I have tried to use Clover with PDE Build, but have had little luck due to Clover’s dependence on a specialized Java complier. If anyone has gotten this to work, I’d love to hear about it.

And finally, I had to change this example to use a test plug-in instead of a test fragment. For some reason when running Eclipse 3.4 (maybe related to p2?), the ETF is not finding tests in fragments. If anyone has any ideas here as well, please let me know.

You can download the new example here.

NOTE: I’ve discovered that the EMMA instrumentation task fails if you’re running the script inside of Eclipse and you have spaces in your workspace path. Avoid spaces in your path and you should be good to go.

Update – October 6, 2009: The sample projects have now been updated to work with Eclipse 3.5.1