Using FormEditor with a single page

I tried to think of a snazzier title for this post, but I’m in a literal mood I guess. So have you ever faced this problem? You want to use the FormEditor class (or it’s new subclass SharedHeaderFormEditor), but you only have a single page.

Sure, you can use FormEditor with a single page, but you’ll wind up with a single tab at the bottom of the editor. It looks a bit goofy:

View of editor showing tab on single page

Well the solution is surprisingly simple. In your subclass of FormEditor, just override the createPages method like this:

protected void createPages() {
        if (getPageCount() == 1 &&
		getContainer() instanceof CTabFolder) {
            ((CTabFolder) getContainer()).setTabHeight(0);

This code hides the tabs when there is only one page, and you wind up with this:

View of editor with no tabs for single page

Note that you need to call the super method before resizing the tab height, or this won’t work.