EclipseWorld is just around the corner (well kind of…)

I’m really excited to attend EclipseWorld in November. I wasn’t able to go last year but have heard from others that the signal to noise ratio was pretty high. The highlight for me will be doing a full-day tutorial on Test-Driven Development with Robert Martin (who’s also a keynote speaker). I’ll also be giving two talks of my own:

  • Plug-in Best Practices for Rich Client Applications
  • Leveraging the Model-View-Presenter Pattern in Rich Client Applications

Hopefully, I’ll be contributing more signal than noise!

I thought this would be a good time to mention the conference because the cost goes up on August 31st. Also, my personal conference tip is to always book a hotel room even if you’re not committed to going. There are no cancellation charges and you’re guaranteed to not wind up in an overflow hotel. I’m sure the hotels are thrilled with people like me!